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Sherrey Quinn - Select list of publications
Articles, papers and reports
Inside outside, by Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn. InCite, vol 34, no 10, October 2013, p. 12

Whatever happened to AANRO? Online Currents, vol 26, no 2, April 2012, p.60-64

Readers' advisory information sources, Parts 1 and 2. Online Currents, vol 25, no 5, October 2011, p. 225-34 and no. 6, December 2011, p.281-87

Continuous improvement: national standards and guidelines for Australia's public libraries, by Sherrey Quinn and Ian McCallum. APLIS, Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services, vol 24, no 3, September 2011, p. 101-106

Reading rewards: the evolution and assessment of a train the trainer course for public library readers’ advisers, in Bundy, Alan (Ed.) Reading critical: developing readers in Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne 11–12 April 2008; conference proceedings (Auslib Press, 2008): 139–151. (Also published in APLIS, Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services, vol 21, no 2, June 2008, p. 44–55)

Valuing libraries, by Ian McCallum and Sherrey Quinn. Australian Library Journal, vol 53, no 1, February 2004, p. 55-69

Thesaurus of Australian Government subjects (TAGS) (National Office of the Information Economy, 2002)

Development of a thesaurus for the Science and Geography Education (SAGE) Database.  In Indexers - Partners in Publishing, Proceedings from the First International Conference, March 31 to April 2, 1995, Marysville, Victoria, ed by Max McMaster.  (Australian Society of Indexers, 1995): p. 154-161.

Thesaurus, SAGE Science and Geography Education, edited by Sherrey Quinn (East Melbourne, CSIRO Information Services, 1995).

News items and 'Database Jottings' column, Online Currents, vol 8, 1993 to vol 10, 1995
Database updateNew Librarian, vol 1, no 10, December 1994: 12-13.
CSIRO AUSTRALIS: the manual.  2nd ed, edited by Max McMaster and Sherrey Quinn  (East Melbourne, CSIRO Information Services, 1993)
Recipe book service of online searching, 8th edition, 1987 to 14th edition, 1993/94.  Edited by Sherrey Quinn (Doncaster, Vic, Online Information Resources Pty Ltd)
Compiling ADDA's 'Directory of Australian Databases on CD ROM 1993', by Sherrey Quinn and Jenny Williams.  Online Currents, vol. 8, no. 4, May 1993: 8-10.
Australian databases and network access: an overview (p.113-126), and Case study: SAGE - Science and Geography Education database (p. 127-129).  In Networking & libraries in Australia, edited by Christine Goodacre. (Melbourne, ALIA Press & D. W. Thorpe, 1993)

Directory of Australian databases on CD ROM, edited by Jenny Williams and Sherrey Quinn (Hawthorn, Vic: Australian Database Development Association, 1993)

Australian databases and information services: summary of developments 1988 to 1992. In Proceedings of the 6th Australasian Information Online and On Disc Conference and Exhibition, Sydney, 1993. (ALIA Information Science Section, 1993): p. 49-69.
Australian and New Zealand databases. Australasian College Libraries, vol 7, no 1, 1989: p.27-33.
Australian and New Zealand databases in 1988. In Information Online '89; Proceedings of the fourth Australasian Online Information Conference, Sydney, 17-19 January 1989, edited by G. Lowry.  (Sydney: Library Association of Australia, Information Science Section, 1989): p. 24-36.   Also published in:  Information Services & Use, v.9, nos 1-2, 1989: p. 3-14.
Directory of Australian and New Zealand databases, edited by Sherrey Quinn (Hawthorn, Vic: Australian Database Development Association, 1988)
Australian research in progress: a viewpoint, by Peter G. Mathews and Sherrey Quinn.  In Second Asian-Pacific Special and Law Librarians Conference, September 1987, Brisbane: Proceedings, edited by G. Mackenzie: p 228-242. (National Special Libraries Section of the Library Association of Australia, and the Law Librarians' Group: Brisbane, Qld, 1987)
Stitched up or sewn down: proceedings of a seminar on database contract negotiation and costing, 14 July 1987, edited by Sherrey Quinn. (Hawthorn Vic, Australian Database Development Association, 1987)
ALSIS: an information system on local street practices, by R. E. Brindle and Sherrey Quinn. In Fourth National Local Government Engineering Conference 1987, Perth, 17-21 August 1987, Preprints of papers: p 351-356.  (Institution of Engineers, Australia: Barton, ACT, 1987)
The development of ALSIS, ARRB's Local Street Information System, by Sherrey Quinn and R. E. Brindle. In Fourth Victorian Association for Library Automation Biennial Conference and Exhibition, 1987, Melbourne: Information Futures: Tomorrow Today, Preprints. p. 143-156.
Document acquisition and selection criteria, by Sherrey Quinn and Margaret Findlay. In Small scale bibliographic databases, edited by Peter Judge and Brenda Gerrie. (Sydney, Academic Press, 1986): p. 167-179.   (First published in The generation and management of small scale data bases.  Canberra: Library Association of Australia, 1982)
ARRB Publications Index, 1960-76, edited by Sherrey Quinn. (Vermont South, Vic, Australian Road Research Board, 1985)
IRRD operations: national and international hosts; access to IRRD.  In Proceedings of the IRRD Plenary Meeting 'The Information Needs of Users', Cologne, Federal Republic of Germany, October 1985, p. 53-65. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: Paris, 1985)
Directory of Australian databases, edited by Diana Killen, Ian McCallum, Elizabeth Morrison, and Sherrey Quinn (Hawthorn Vic, Australian Database Development Association, 1984)
Australian Road Research Board Information Services: a brief report [1984], by Sherrey Quinn.  In Developments in Australian Library Services 1982, p 76-81. (Canberra, National Library of Australia on behalf of AACOBS, Canberra, 1984)
The ARRD database: documentation of Australia's road related literature and research in progress. In Engineering information and documentation in Australia: problems and solutions: proceedings of a national seminar conducted by Footscray Institute of Technology on 25 November 1983, edited by L Lane, pages 15-29. (Footscray Vic: Footscray Institute of Technology Library, 1984)
Bibliographic information retrieval for engineers. Second National Conference on Local Government Engineering, Brisbane, 19-22 September 1983; Preprints of Papers.  (Institution of Engineers, Australia: Barton, ACT, 1983): p. 39-47.
Australian Road Research Board's initiatives in transport information and statistics, by J. B. Metcalf, S. Quinn and M. G. Lay. In Australia on the Move: a Guide to Transport Information & Statistics: Proceedings of a Conference Held at Burgmann College, the Australian National University, Canberra, 6-8 July 1983, p. 87-105.
Roads databases in Australia and New Zealand: ARRD, IRRD, LASORS (p. 8-14) and Roads databases in Australia and New Zealand: document backup (p. 26-33)  In Resource Sharing: a Necessity for the '80s, Papers presented at a Seminar organised by the NZLA Special Libraries Section and LAA Special Libraries and Information Science Sections, Christchurch, NZ, January 1981. (NZLA Special Libraries Section: Wellington, NZ, 1981)
Road information in Australia: resources and needs. In Road Research and Information for South East Asia, Workshop, Melbourne 1980,   Proceedings: Session 2, p. 1-51  (Australian Road Research Board, 1980)

Works indexed
Sherrey is an experienced indexer of books, reports, periodicals and databases, and manager of indexing projects.
Sherrey has been an Accredited Indexer since 1992. An Accredited Indexer(formerly Registered Indexer) is one whose work has been assessed by an Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) expert panel, and judged to be of high quality, meeting published standards for index content, presentation and usability.

Examples of recent indexing projects and published indexes:
Elliott Carter studies, edited by Marguerite Boland and John Link. (Cambridge University Press, 2013) View the index: select the 'Index' link at the left
Toulouse-Lautrec, Paris & the Moulin Rouge. (National Gallery of Australia, 2012)
Fishery status reports; status of fish stocks and fisheries managed by the Australian Government. 2011, 2010 and 2009 editions. (ABARES, 2012, 2011 and 2010, respectively)
Shaping a city; 150 years of Parramatta City Council. (Parramatta City Council, 2012)
Climate change: global risks, challenges and decisions, edited by Katherine Richardson, Will Steffen and Diana Liverman. (Cambridge University Press, 2011) View index as PDF: select 'Look inside' and then select 'Index'
The National Water Initiative— securing Australia’s water future; 2011 assessment. (National Water Commission, 2011)
Vulnerability of tropical Pacific fisheries and aquaculture to climate change. (Secretariat of the Pacific Community, 2011)
Canberra Group handbook on household income statistics, 2nd edition, prepared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the UN Economic Commission for Europe, 2011
Renaissance table, by James Kidman (National Gallery of Australia, 2011)
Dialogue about land justice; papers from the national Native Title Conferences, edited by Lisa Strelein. (Aboriginal Studies Press, 2010) View the index by selecting the 'Index' link
The Ayes have it; the history of the Queensland Parliament 1957–1989, by John Wanna and Tracey Arklay (Queensland Parliament and ANU ePress, 2010)
Robert Dowling; Tasmanian son of Empire (National Gallery of Australia, 2010)
The reality of budgetary reform in OECD nations: trajectories and consequences, edited by John Wanna, Lotte Jensen and Jouke de Vries. (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010)
McCubbin; last impressions 1907–17 (National Gallery of Australia, 2009)
Fashion: the key concepts, by Jennifer Craik (Berg, 2009)
A Federation in these seas; an account of the acquisition by Australia of its external territories, with selected documents, by Alan Kerr (Attorney-General’s Department, 2009)
Australia and New Zealand valuation and property standards, 6th ed. (Australian Property Institute, 2008)
Degas: the uncontested master (National Gallery of Australia, 2008)
A textbook of Australian rural health, edited by Siaw-Teng Liaw and Sue Kilpatrick (Australian Rural Health Education Network, 2008)
Your home: design for lifestyle and the future; technical manual, 4th ed. (Australian Greenhouse Office, 2008, reprinted with minor updates 2011)
Asian and Pacific cosmopolitans; self and subject in motion, edited by Kathryn Robinson (Palgrave, 2007)
Climate change and the Great Barrier Reef; a vulnerability assessment, edited by Johanna E. Johnson and Paul A. Marshall. (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Australian Greenhouse Office, 2007). [Index file]

In addition:
Annual reports for numerous government agencies
Directory indexes
Journal and database indexing, including for the databases Australian Road Index/International Road Research Documentation, Australian Energy Research in Progress, and SAGE - Science and Geography Education, and other reference and directory databases and intranet resources.

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